Please read the landscape manual first, most of the questions have been written in it

Lack of necessary libraries; Please open "Log. txt" located in the root directory of X-Plane, find the library before and after the error, and go to the download page to download. (or seek manual assistance)

Firstly, please confirm that the scenery is installed correctly according to the instructions in the manual. Then, refer to the "Sorting" section of the manual for manual sorting. If the issue persists, please seek manual assistance

Please ensure that the SAM plugin and SAM Library, and attempt to switch the SAM docking program to manual mode for docking. If the issue persists, please seek human service

Due to the inability of the SAM jetway to fully meet official requirements and poor configuration files for the official SAM model; Some aircraft have inaccurate jetway docking, which is considered force majeure


Automatic Log Diagnosis

[Function in the experiment] please copy the log.txt content to the window below
The program will automatically detect terrain errors and output results

Diagnostic results


The result may not be accurate. If it cannot be resolved, please seek human service

Error Scenery: 


Missing Library: 


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